Unfolding body, language, and mind.


Level 300 courses are offered in a wide variety of topics, encouraging free exploration and expression, based on a liberated cognitive freedom made available by the dedicated study of Mind. Human beings can unfold like the petals of a lotus, revealing the beauty within. We are encouraged to learn a “new way of being”—of complete wisdom and fully embodied learning. The knowledge expressed must be activated in the knower, approached through an examination of the way experience arises. We may discover that the heart of being is an open field.

Embodied Practices and Female Bodies

Renowned Scholar Anne Harley Returns to Cambridge: A Sneak Peek into Her Work and Role at CSWR's Transcendence & Transformation Initiative

Facing a Virtual Reality

A contemplative practice behind the headset aims to help terminally ill patients and their loved ones transcend physical limitations.

Generative Contemplation Symposium

The following is the video proceedings along with searchable transcripts of Session II: Nondual Awareness Practices which focused on the subject-object dichotomy in meditation.