Dharma College – Discover the Dharma Way


Reimagining Wisdom for Modern Times

Dharma College was founded in response to the yearning in our secular Western society for the transcendent -- for an authentic spiritual path deeply rooted in ancient wisdom -- yet free from the dogma and trappings of religious traditions.

To meet this challenge, Dharma College draws inspiration from an impeccable lineage of teachings from some of the greatest Tibetan Buddhist masters. We are dedicated to reimagining this wisdom, offering these timeless teachings in ways that are accessible and relevant for the modern world.


Living Well with Wisdom ◆ Thriving in Community

At Dharma College, we are devoted to the nurturing and caring for the spiritual development of each individual. Our daily classes and workshops, coupled with professional co-share workspaces in a historic Berkeley building, foster a community of like-minded individuals. Our learning environment supports those in pursuit of deeper meaning, personal fulfillment and creativity, and a balanced, harmonious, growth-oriented life.  Our core value is grounded in that discovery of deep wisdom naturally leads to compassion and caring for others, as well as for the environment.

How It Works

Self-realization is a unique journey for each person. Dharma College offers a diverse range of classes, workshops, and public talks. Our educational approach emphasizes sustained investigation, coupled with meditative and contemplative practices, as a way of opening up a path of awakening. 

Classes integrate philosophy, psychology, and science-based insights, engaging students' reflective experiences through interactive and discussion-based formats. Dharma College programs are free from proselytizing, beliefs systems and religious dogmas, yet skillful guidance leads students to a profound understanding of nature of mind, rediscovering their own innate wisdom and capacity for great love, natural freedom and liberation from suffering.

Your Journey at Dharma

We offer five distinct program areas across three levels, forming a cohesive pathway to inner transformation and lifelong spiritual growth. Newcomers to the College are encouraged to start with our six-week level 100 courses, available throughout the year. After completing a level 100 course, students can advance to our year-long level 200 programs. Upon completing one or more level 200 courses, the level 300 programs guide you to integrate the teachings into everyday life.For those interested in business training, our Urban Professional courses provide specialized development opportunities. The College has also founded the Institute for the Study of Extraordinary states of Mind (ISEOM), conducting scientific studies on meditators exhibiting deep states of concentration, and the Institute for Right Livelihood, which is dedicated to exploring ethical career choices for graduating students.

Our Values


Respect for Self and Others
Empathy (Caring)
Meaningful Community (Strong attention to community)
Acceptance (Openness)
Growth (Human Potential)
Innovation (New Knowledge)
Nurturing Wisdom
Equilibrium (Harmony and Balance)

Self-Transformation (Transformation)
Discovery (New Knowledge)
Mastery (Human Potential)