Waking up to the revelation of mind.


Courses in the level 200 Understanding program area address perception and cognition directly, examining how we construct experience from the raw data of our senses, and how our preconceptions and memories influence our behavior and outlook. This can reveal a way of understanding that dissolves our problems and blossoms into creative freedom. As it is, beset by misunderstanding, our world staggers from one crisis to the next. Imprisoned by our own concepts, blind to the effects they have on our behaviors, it’s hard to find a way forward. The path of understanding addresses these problems directly. We’ll begin with how mind can examine mind, then explore inner narratives. Then, we’ll deepen our understanding of the ongoing relationship between what we see and what we think, revealing a freedom within mind that is totally unexpected.  

Based on Revelations of Mind, Time Space and Knowledge and Gesture of Great Love, courses run for five terms and allow extensive discussion and exposure to deep exploration of experience and being. These flagship courses provide the backbone of the core syllabus at Dharma College, and open into transformative insights for many participants.

The primordial sound of the universe?

Primordial echos?  The primordial sound of the universe?  Are we talking about the ancient Sanskrit mantra OM? No. Astronomers are now tuning into clues about one of the deepest mysteries of our Universe today, the mysterious force known as dark energy.

Well, what happened prior to the Big Bang?

I remember back when I was in college it was blasphemy to ask my astronomy professor, “Well, what happened prior to the Big Bang?”  I never bought the story that there was some first cause to the universe or that the Big Bang was the birth of space and time.....

Quantum Bayesianism

What’s really the problem with quantum mechanics? Why, after 100 years of the most profound success describing nature, are people still arguing over what that description means — that is,

Mindfulness Traps and the Entanglement of Self:

Mindfulness meditation can provide salutary therapeutic benefits, as well as lead advanced practitioners to states of calm and equanimity. In this paper, we argue that such forms of meditation may subtly entrap practitioners in circular, self-reflexive feedback loops.