Take a Closer Look

Wisdom comes differently.

For wisdom, we need experience, blessings, and a thorough explanation of mind.

Introducing the Lotus Vision:

The Extraordinary Potential of Being

A 2-year program of study and practice for students of all backgrounds and perspectives based on the Lotus Trilogy and other recent texts by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche


We have a full schedule of classes drawn from the disciplines of Yoga, Qi Gong, Kum Nye, and other movement therapy classes. We also offer classes for opening the heart and for developing a meditation practice.


Investigate the role of language and meaning in human experience. Constrained in our understanding of our inner selves and of how we think, work, live, and love, by the limited power of language to fully convey the


Lack of inner harmony and dissatisfaction with how one’s life is going: such problems frequently arise from not understanding the true nature of mind. Inside every human being is the capacity to fully develop what we've

Revelations Of Mind (2ND EDITION)

Revelations of Mind is an exercise for the mind. It offers a way of unfolding mental experience that readers can take it on themselves. Experienced meditators may benefit in special ways, but the book is for anyone who appreciates the importance of developing a clearer understanding of his or her own mind.

To activate this flow of understanding, you need to read with an open mind. Even if you do not immediately understand, trust your mind to absorb what is being said. Relax the urge to comment and reject and simply observe. Let mind read and dialogue with itself, mind to mind, until clarity arises. Over time,  you will find your own unique way of viewing yourself and your journey.


"Being in this retreat was a great experience - intense, playful, touching, and eye-opening. The teachers did a great job in leading us gracefully through challenging topics of deep inquiry in Body, Language, and Mind. I am looking forward to the next Urban Retreat at Dharma College - Thank you so much!"

"I loved the retreat. There is something slightly incongruous about rating it numerically. It was like one of the handfuls of instances that I hit a golf ball pure and true!"

"The teachings are amazing. The teachers are amazing… and the whole idea of being open, that answers do reside inside me. To have trust I can discover those answers and get out of the mud and be a lotus."

"The gift of this journey: go in and because of the devotional heart of the teachers, of all of you, of this place, I have been allowed insight beyond my entrained perceptions to a really profound sublime beauty that has also sublime usefulness. I can see how I can become a more extraordinary human by watching my mind in a way I did not have access to before"

"The other day I was in a self-deprecating mood. I spilled coffee, and said to myself, "You clumsy oaf". Then I remembered that "myself" is just a label anyway. There is no need to waste time being angry at myself."

"The power of transformation has changed my choice of mind-words, i.e. I, me, my, mind; less judgemental of self and others from negative emotions; awareness of beauty in new of ways i.e. a cup, frame from window of my eyes, the face of the person I'm talking to, sitting quietly and embraced by moments of clarity; given me hope to live a meaningful life."

"Learning more about the mind has helped me to leverage them when I feel my anxieties creeping up. It's been an interesting journey and it really has helped me to make some positive transformations. I no longer live in constant fear of my mind overpowering me."