We believe that understanding our own minds and selves more deeply, ignites both personal transformation and global change.

We founded Dharma College to connect authentic wisdom traditions to the search for meaning in the uncertainty of everyday life.

At both our landmark building in the heart of Berkeley, California and around the world online, Dharma College is a place to gather and explore self-knowledge. Because there is no single way to do this, we offer a range of accessible courses and retreats and space to share ideas and build community.

Through this, we can move from emotion to feeling, from words to communication, and from thoughts to knowing. After first finding purpose in our own lives, we can better take care of the World.

Our doors are open to all. While rooted in ancient teachings, dharma continues to evolve with each new student and each new conversation. We invite you to find a path that’s right for you.

We offer five two month terms a year, with weekly online classes ranging from 30 to 90 minutes. Our classes are interactive, with recordings held on our website for six months. If you take a class with us, our community portal holds your class recordings alongside class specific and general chatrooms. Most of our courses end with an optional weekend urban retreat held at our Berkely headquarters if you would like to visit us. Do join the Dharma college community and find out for yourself!

Find Your Complete Path

hint: they’re all the right path
There is no single path to self-realization. Everyone brings their own perspective, hopes, and challenges. To help you forge your own way, Dharma college offers a wide variety of classes, workshops, and public talks. Our programs sit at the crossroads of Eastern spirituality and Western intellectual pursuits. While they're rooted in ancient teachings, they continue to evolve continuously with each new student and each new conversation.

How it works
Classes blend philosophy, psychology, and science, engaging all aspects of students’ own experiences. They’re highly interactive and discussion based. This open dialogue is balanced with self-directed awareness practices and contemplation. While grounded in Dharma, our programs aren’t subject to proselytizing or religious rituals. Students develop their own deep understanding of mind, reality, and self, transforming their way of being.

Your journey at Dharma
Dharma College offers five different program areas in 3 levels that together form an interconnected pathway to inner transformation and lifelong spiritual growth as illustrated by the Wisdom Tree to the left. They are:

Level 1



Level 2

Level 3

When you begin to work with us at Dharma College, all our Level one program areas are a good place to start. Programs in Living, Working, and Wellness have a designation in the '100's' in front of them. Each of these programs has a unique emphasis and different requirements for completion, but all provide a strong foundation for moving to the next level of teachings.

After a couple of terms of level 1 programs, if you are interested please apply for our level 2 program area, which takes mind as its central focus. This centers on Revelations of Mind, and its reading commentary, Searcher Reaches Land's Limits, a course that starts in September and January of each year. Courses at Level 2 have a designation in the '200's' in front of them.

The Level 3 program area, Wisdom, is for students who have completed Level 2. This program area offers programs in several different areas, such as The Lotus Trilogy and Time, Space, and Knowledge. Courses at Level 3 have a designation in the '300s' in front of them.

Please note that not all courses in the five program areas are offered every term, so it is best to review the dropdown menu entitled  'All Courses' to find out what is available at any particular time. If you have questions that are not answered on our website, we warmly invite you to contact our registrar at


Begin developing practices for inner harmony Learn more.


Learn methods for bringing life to work. Learn more.


Perfecting good health with balance. Learn more.


Waking up to the revelation of mind. Learn more.


Unfolding body, language, and mind. Learn more.

Begin your Journey with Dharma


Sitting at the convergence of Eastern and Western spiritual and intellectual traditions, classes at Dharma College offer multiple paths to self-realization
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Located in the heart of Berkeley, California, Dharma College’s landmark building brings together people of all stripes to discover new ideas and strengthen community.
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Thousands of Happy Students

Life, Reimagined

"Robin has a wonderful warm way of conveying Tarthang Tulku’s teachings that really bring them to light and focus. The analogies and exercises brought fresh perspectives to the teachings for me. There was so much presented in a clear fashion that I can revisit and absorb for a long time. And yet it was energizing. Thank You!"

Mindful Working

"This course is not your regular meditation group designed to keep you on track with a meditation practice. Wangmo organizes some very deep concepts that feel like they come from an undiluted ancient source. The simplicity is refreshing and far reaching in foundation. The thoughtful progression of themes and exercises over the 28 days could be applied directly and in real time. I believe this will have a lasting effect on my present life. The title of the workshop Joy and concentration is on target."

Everyday Wellness

"Informative and helpful on intellectual, health and spiritual levels. Thanks to the good doctors as well as Dharma College for offering this class."

Clear Understanding

“Really helpful in helping me understand my mind… answering questions I have had for many years. Look forward to more learning and study and practice with Dharma College.”

Activating Wisdom

"Delightfully playful, opening, and alive class. This exploratory group process made my dedication to Lotus Trilogy even stronger."

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