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Update from the Director this Week

I am delighted to extend a heartfelt invitation to all of you for an extraordinary opportunity – Robin Caton's forthcoming course, "Light of Liberation: Great Love, Shining."  which starts on September 14th. This advanced course has the potential to be not only rewarding but transformative for each one of us.

Robin's profound wisdom and insightful guidance have touched the lives of countless individuals, equipping them with the tools and perspectives needed for personal growth and transformation. She was also the principle editor for  Gesture of Great Love. the book which forms the foundation for this course.

Here is what students are saying about Robin's teaching style :

"I deeply appreciate having been able to receive the Gesture of Great Love teaching online. The pace of the course was perfect and the recordings made it more accessible for me....I’ve been experiencing more ease and joy in my life."
Jacquiliine A.

"I’m repeating myself by submitting another bit of feedback about what an intellectual and experiential delight it is to listen to Robin’s understanding of TT’s teachings and insights. These classes are precious."
Howard H.

But wait, there's more! If you decide to enroll this week, an exceptional gift awaits you – an exclusive early bird special that offers a generous 15% discount. To claim this fantastic offer, simply use the following code during checkout before it expires THIS Friday:

Early Bird Special Code: earlybird15mp 
Returning Students of Gesture of Great Love ($65/MONTH) Code: 2324T1GL

I look forward to your joining our new classes for this Fall term!

with all best wishes

Wangmo Dixey


As a kind reminder for the rest of this week: if you sign up this week, a special gift is waiting for. you – an amazing early bird special offering a 15% discount. During checkout, just copy and paste the early bird special code: earlybird15sp for one-time payments, or earlybird15mp for monthly payments. Your prompt enrollment will greatly assist us in filling each of our classes.

Life Reimagined: Balance, Self-Care, and the Healing Power of Ease

Many people today feel at least somewhat out of balance. Whatever the causes, the results tend to be the same: our bodies may feel under stress; our communication may become less creative and increasingly automatic; emotions may too easily be moody or reactive; thoughts may not always be our reliable friend—arising as foggy one moment, racing or distracted the next. If this sounds familiar, please rest assured that we can learn effective approaches to transform our thinking, feeling, and being. We can access deeper enjoyment and meaning within our felt experience. Balance, Self-Care, and the Healing Power of Ease, the first course in the Life, Reimagined program, is based on time-tested Indian and Tibetan Buddhist insights that have been translated into non-religious, secular terms meant for our times. The class is suitable for everyone, no matter what age, background, or prior study. You will gain skills to relax deeply and to touch joy, paving the road toward naturally positive transformation. Plus, you will meet others online who are likewise interested in crafting a life of authentic balance. We invite you to join us for this introductory Dharma College class: take a key step toward deepening your unique path for living with greater clarity and ease.

Date :
Wednesdays, September 13th-October 25th, 10:30-12:00 AM PT 

Register Today

Become Your Own Master

Have you ever wondered how to make your professional life as your spiritual path? This class inspires students to take a challenge whether it be a personal or professional challenge and to see our obstacles more clearly. Once identified we begin to breakthrough our own habits into using our three best friends: awareness, concentration and energy to move into their lives. We see this as a place for skillful means to be embodied and for students to live a richer, more meaningful life which ultimately centers around a work-life balance. Incorporating spiritual principles into one’s work can have various benefits, such as increased awareness, improved focus, and a sense of purpose. By perceiving work as a spiritual path, individuals may be more motivated to engage fully, find deeper meaning in their tasks, and foster a greater sense of connection with their actions.

Date :
Monday-Friday, October 3-31st, (5:00-5:30 PM PST) 28 Days

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Event news


This October, we launch our Wisdom Speaker series. We we will be starting a series of online talks inspired by the famous Time, Space and Knowledge series. Please see what kinds of events we have coming up in our wisdom gatherings. This is a way for us to come together at least once a month with a featured artist or speaker, especially post COVID. You can find out about our speaker for October by looking here.

We hope you will join our community of practitioners from around the world where dharma meets everyday living. 

All you need to do is join one of our classes online and you'll become a part of our worldwide network.
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