Waking up to the revelation of mind.


We will experience the healing power of communicating with the heart through readings in Revelations of Mind and Searcher Reaches Land's Limits, and gain access to multiple evidence-based modalities and practices to improve our own health and well-being.
1. Explore the nature of perception
2. Find out why we are always rushed
3. Look at the role that language plays in how we know
4. See how memory deceives us
5. Find out how time is entwined with the story of me
6. Learn the difference between radiant knowing and mere reactivity
7. Experience the ground of cognizant presence8. Discover innate freedom


Mind itself has rarely been the subject of serious observation and sustained inquiry. This can reveal a way of understanding that dissolves our problems and blossoms into creative freedom. As it is, beset by misunderstanding, our world staggers from one crisis to the next. Imprisoned by our own concepts, blind to the effects they have on our behaviors, it’s hard to find a way forward. The path of understanding addresses these problems directly. We’ll begin with how mind can examine mind, then explore inner narratives. Then, we’ll deepen our understanding of the ongoing relationship between what we see and what we think, revealing a freedom within mind that is totally unexpected.


Revelations of Mind is a flagship course at Dharma College. Approached through its commentary, Searcher Reaches Lands Limits, we work through a series of five six week classes. Each class is presented as a 90 minute online zoom event with additional self-directed study and exercises. Classes are recorded and stored for six months on our online community portal, where a dedicated classroom is created for all attendees.

Mastery Courses

If you have completed a couple of terms or more of Level 1 courses (or with the permission of Executive Director), please find our Level 2 course:

201: Searches Reaches Land's Limits

Searches Reaches Land's Limits is a commentary on the ground-breaking (Revelations of Mind), and is a central course at Dharma College. Beginning with an examination of how our experience is in part reactive, we come to realise the root causes of distress and suffering. We then consider how best to approach mind training with a view to understanding how we construct experience from the projection of time. This in turn reveals the ground of experience from which we discover a new way of being: a revelation of mind. 

“I’ve studied Buddhism for 45 years. These classes have created openings to directly experience teachings that have been previously only theoretical and fleeting. I connect more deeply with my meditation practices now, more than ever.”

- Dharma College Student


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