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On today’s episode of the Soulfull Sound Podcast, I am joined by Richard Dixey, acclaimed author of 'Three Minutes a Day - A Fourteen-Week Course To Learn Meditation And Transform Your Life'. Richard, with his unique fusion of scientific acumen and spiritual wisdom, leads us on a journey to discover the life-altering power of meditation, its intersection with science, and how it shapes our everyday life. 

Richard doesn't just talk about the power of meditation, he also sheds light on how to effectively practice it. He delves into the different aspects of concentration - adverting and savouring - and how they can enhance our presence and stability. Richard also shares insights about the six gates of the mind, highlighting the role of music and silence in sound healing. But meditation is not always easy. We also address the obstacles that may arise in your meditation journey, from doubt to irritation, and discuss strategies to overcome these challenges.

The conversation takes a transformative turn as we explore how meditation can be a powerful tool for self-discovery. Richard elaborates on the recognitive map maker within us and how it shapes our behaviour. He stresses that meditation is not just an accessory to your yoga practice, but a powerful change agent that can be as simple as dedicating three minutes a day. As a bonus, we delve into the power of smiling in meditation and how it can help us return to our own ground. Tune in to this enriching discussion to uncover the profound power of meditation in everyday life.
A few points of discussion:
- The Nature of Our Perception
- Reimagining Meditation
- Three-Minute Meditation Power 
- Understanding Meditation
- Obstacles
- Encounter of Cultures
- The Power and Meaning of Sound
- Wisdom and Wise Use of Technology


Join us for this inspiring conversation.

Much love,

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