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Time Space and Knowledge (Part 1) Visions of Wholeness: 30% - off

Level 200 | Understanding
Wednesdays January 24th to February 28th 2024 9:30-11:00am PST
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Since the Age of Enlightenment, modernity has inculcated a worldview based on distance and separation -- a disenchanted world -- one in which space and time are considered nothing more than convenient maps and background mediums for human affairs. We have become alienated on both a personal and global level,  culminating in a climate crisis with its destabilizing effects on economies and the potential for civilizational collapse.  It’s almost as if space, time and even our own knowledge, have turned against us. On some level, we often feel that we “..a basic insufficiency of space to live in, of time to use it, and of knowledge to enjoy it.”  

While mindfulness techniques have helped people to reduce their stress and anxiety in a world out of balance, we need more than palliatives and coping skills. To heal our divisions, we need a new vision of reality that transforms our human embodiment in space and time, a vision which promotes our intrinsic freedom and nourishes our deepest values.    

In this course, we will engage in a new kind of inquiry, using Tarthang Tulku’s seminal book, Time, Space and Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality (TSK).  We will explore Space, Time and Knowledge as offering visionary pathways for transforming the way we perceive and embody these fundamental facets of human experience. 


" For a course that focused on the TSK fundamental concepts, it was really a demonstration just how powerful those fundamentals are. Even though the students exceeded 20+, there was intimacy achieved: through student sharing their experiences of the exercises;  ample time for questions and discussion; and in-depth explanations by the knowledgeable teachers.  The entire course was a lovely experience. "
David F.
" The power point slides, the teachings, the exercises…all just excellent. "
Sharon L.
Outstanding leadership, guidance & teaching. Extremely well-balanced presentations and very sensitive to class feedback. Fine preparation & delivery. "
Eric L.


The course will be structured over 30 weeks in five terms. The first 10 weeks will focus on Space, followed by 10 weeks on Time, and 10 weeks on Knowledge.  Each week, we will review key passages from the book, engage in groups discussions, and devote time to intensive practice of the TSK exercises.

Senior Instructor

Dr. Ron Purser

Ron Purser, Ph.D. is a Professor of Management at San Francisco State University. Author of eight books, including McMindfulness: How Mindfulness Became the New Capitalist Spirituality (Penguin Random House/Repeater Books), the Handbook of the Ethical Foundations of Mindfulness and the Handbook of Mindfulness: Culture, Context and Social Engagement (Springer). He writes for such media outlets as Tricycle, The Guardian, Salon, Alternet, Tikkun, Pando Daily and Transformation. He began studying Time, Space and Knowledge (TSK) in 1982.

Bob Pasternak

Bob Pasternak was born in Budapest Hungary and came to the US after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. He Joined the Peace Corps after college and spent 2 years in Nepal After returning to the US he became an attorney and then a psychotherapist. He met Tarthang Rinpoche in India in 1967 and then studied with Rinpoche starting in 1969 in Berkeley.  Bob taught various classes at the Nyingma Institute in Berkeley and then was the Director of the Institute in Boulder Colorado. from 1987 to 1992  Bob has now been teaching TSK and Buddhism  since 1981 and continues to do so.