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The Right Time to Be: Freedom from Regime of Mind

Level 100 | Living
Fridays March 8 – April 19, 2024, 10-11:30 AM PST 

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Instead of living in a world of constant conceptualizing, boredom, and anxiety, we can bring ease to body and mind, and simply be. This term explores how the suffering that arises in linear time is released as we discover living in the instant. Gesture of Great Love teaches that freedom from regime-time comes from within. Mind can engage with ease, and we can focus our energy on what we care about.


"There is a global shortage of joy, inner peace, and the kind of deep caring for self and others that heals the heart and inspires creative action. How sad this is! For at the very heart of being is the open instant, a boundless source of Great Love."
Tarthang Tulku, Gesture of Great Love, Light of Liberation

Come join us for a 7-week course as we study and practice Gesture of Great Love: Light of Liberation, the newest teachings presented by Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku. The ideas he offers here first emerged some fifty years ago, taking shape as the Time, Space, and Knowledge vision. Through guided exercises and clear, accessible language, these transformative teachings penetrate heart and mind to uncover the depths of our being.

As we face suffering honestly, cultivate emotional well-being, and actively inquire into the nature of identity, language, and time, we find we have a key to a new way of being. When the day becomes rich with joy and appreciation, emotions lighten, life-situations become easier to deal with, and we begin to dance creatively with whatever arises.


The time spent in this class flies by. I look forward to attending it and discussing the material presented in each chapter of this amazing text "
Linda W.
" Abbe is a wonderfully kind and clear teacher.  Thank you for offering this class! "
Takako M.
Wonderful class continues! I really enjoy the format and interaction with Abbe and all the participants in this class. I find it stimulating, frustrating and illuminating and will continue the classes with pleasure. "
Robin W.


Classes meet online for seven weeks, 1.5 hours a week. Classes are recorded and accessible for six months. Each week features short presentations, experiential exercises, and discussion. Weekly handouts provide inspirational passages along with the instructions you need to continue your experiential learning at home. An online community portal gives you the option to meet and be in dialogue with your fellow students.

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Time’s Dynamic  
Week 2: Tethered to Repetition 
Week 3: The Immediacy of the Instant
Week 4: Becoming Partners with Time
Week 5: Beyond Regime Time 
Week 6: Arriving at the Instant
Week 7: A Treasure Within. The Alchemy of the Instant

Readings From

Gesture of Great Love by Tarthang Tulku


Dr. Abbe Blum

Abbe Blum holds a B.A. from UC Berkeley, an M.A. from Cambridge University in England, where she was a Marshall scholar, and a Ph.D. in English literature from Yale University. As an Associate Professor at Swarthmore College, she taught Shakespeare and intensive writing seminars. She currently teaches in the School of Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry at Saybrook University. She has been studying Buddhism since the 1970’s, and has taught at various TNMC locations since 1998.