What students have said about our courses

The roots of our thoughts and feelings go deep, and at the beginning, we are not even aware of this. Tarthang Tulku understands this and the teachers at Dharma College lead the students on an amazing journey of self and other discovery. We are learning to know about knowing. Students at Dharma College exhibit a curiosity for learning and growing, for living more lightly and happily, while staying in touch with the real world in its wonder and challenges.

I got a lot out of this course. I would say it was accurately billed as 'transformative' as I was generally able to take lessons from each class and apply them to pressing issues and decisions in my life. The outcomes were unexpected and very good.

Taking a course with Robin is always a new, fresh experience. Her understanding of the material and mastery of how to effectively teach it, make her presentations speak to me at some very deep level, facilitating absorption of the essence of what is presented. I am very grateful!

This is my first class at Dharma College. Becoming acquainted with Jack as an instructor is like sitting back in a comfortable, big easy chair in a lovely log home in the mountains or maybe in a light and airy beach house by the ocean. With precise and easy language, his words help to reveal and illuminate the gems of wisdom and insight in the text that one might otherwise miss. This is a historic building and a beautiful space. The College has done an exceptional job of inviting light, space, color, and character of place to greet us at the door. From the first moments I stepped inside, I was touched by its atmosphere of serenity, loveliness, scholarship and welcome.

Richard practices what he teaches. His insights are illuminating and beautiful. The exercises he prescribes are simple, yet rich in results. He has no doubts about the significance of what Revelations of Mind suggests. Highly recommended.

The study of the regime of mind was thorough, and now we are learning how to live in the very beautiful direct experience, very different from the regime. This course is very important to learn in this changing world.