Discovering Your Zone of Balance: Online
Self-Care and Balance Class

Unlock Your Extraordinary Potential with Executive Director
Wangmo Dixey (Honorary Doctorate)

Discover experiences that give your life purpose in your Zone of Balance. Dr. Wangmo Dixey reveals a life-changing framework to overcome self-doubt, uncover hidden talents, and radiate with confidence, one small step at a time.

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Are You Searching for Meaning in Your Life?

In today's fast-paced world, many of us feel out of balance. Stress, burnout, and mental unease can leave us feeling disconnected and overwhelmed. If this resonates with you, there's a transformative approach waiting to help you regain control and find deeper enjoyment in life.
Imagine a life where:
  • You wake up energized and ready to conquer your goals with unshakable clarity.
  • Your innate talents are not just recognized but celebrated.
  • You fearlessly share your unique gifts with the world and inspire change in the lives of everyone you meet.
This is where your Zone of Balance awaits—a realm where you feel inspired, creative, and fulfilled.

Course Overview

Weekly Topics:

  • Week 1: Life, Reimagined: The Healing Power of Ease
  • Week 2: Balancing Body, Energy, and Mind
  • Week 3: Touching Joy
  • Week 4: Real Self-care
  • Week 5: Nourishing the Heart
  • Week 6: A New Way of Experiencing Ourselves: Toward a Freedom of Being
  • Week 7: Consolidation: Review Class for This Unit’s Teachings and Practices

Meet Wangmo Dixey

Wangmo Dixey was born in Berkeley, California, in 1969, and is the eldest daughter of Venerable Tarthang Tulku. In addition to her role as Director of the College, she is Executive Director of the Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International and President of the International Buddhist Association of America. She holds a BA in International Relations from UCLA and an MA in International Development from American University. Married to Dr. Richard Dixey, she has two children and was awarded an honorary Ph.D. from Mahachulalongkorn Rajavidyalaya University in Bangkok in 2023
PhD from Mahachulalongkorn Rajavidyalaya University in Bangkok
BA from International Relations
from UCLA
MA from International Development from American University.

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