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Lotus Vision: The Extraordinary Potential of Being

Dharma College invites you to join the first group of students who will pursue an innovative and powerful series of courses and practices: Lotus Vision: The Extraordinary Potential of Being. This two-year program is based on the Lotus Trilogy, in which Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku crowns his decades of effort to translate Tibetan wisdom literature and methods into a Western idiom. The Lotus Trilogy offers direct, effective, and powerful ways to understand ourselves.

The Lotus Vision program offers a practical, thoughtful, and effective series of courses in guided self-investigation that lead to deep insight into one's inner being, uncovering the rich potential that is the birthright of every human being. The program is entirely secular and does not require any familiarity with Buddhist thought.

Lotus Vision's eight-week courses are led by senior instructors who have studied for decades with Tarthang Tulku. They have a rich experience in western education, which they combine with a deep passion for investigating wisdom.

A two-year course about mind, identity, and the nature of reality, in which we re-read and study Lotus Trilogy.

Any eight-week course: $200

Two-Year Program: $1400

To sign up for the Two-Year program, please email