Lotus Vision begins Week of October 15th

Investigating body, language, and mind, Tarthang Tulku's Lotus Trilogy offers direct, effective, and powerful ways to understand ourselves. Lotus Vision offers a practical, thoughtful, and effective series of courses in guided self-investigation that lead to deep insight into one's inner being, uncovering the rich potential that is the birthright of every human being.

Dharma College invites you to join the first group of students who will pursue an innovative and powerful series of courses and practices: Lotus Vision: The Extraordinary Potential of Being. This two-year program will be based on the Lotus Trilogy, in which Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku crowns his decades of effort to translate Tibetan wisdom literature and methods into a Western idiom. The program is entirely secular and does not require any familiarity with Buddhist thought.

Since Buddhism was introduced to Tibet over 1200 years ago, direct, powerful, and extremely fruitful methods of self-investigation and internal development have been discovered, preserved, and passed on from master to disciple in unbroken lineages of oral instruction and initiation. Many of these methods have never been publicly revealed. They are highly effective in developing inner harmony, clarity of mind, and a meaningful way of living. The Lotus Trilogy introduces the reader to these methods and offers guidance and counsel in their application to one's inner being.

Tarthang Tulku, one of the last surviving fully instructed and powerful masters, has devoted his life to offering guidance in these methods, developing myriad ways that the West can understand and make use of them. We all experience how stressful, alienating, and even toxic, modern life can be. Lotus Vision offers us direct and compelling ways to gain deeper knowledge and to develop new ways of understanding ourselves and those around us, leading to a balanced, harmonious, and more fulfilling way of living.

For more than a year, the senior faculty at Dharma College has been working with the Lotus Trilogy, practicing ways to guide Lotus Vision participants to the possibility of fully developing our human potential. Senior teachers Abbe Blum and Robin Caton will offer the first classes in October. These teachers will be sharing the result of decades of working closely with these methods directly with Tarthang Tulku. You will be sharing in an unfolding and continuing investigation of how one can fully develop the capacities of the human body and mind.