Living Wisdom Membership

Living Wisdom membership  ($50/month) allows you to take an unlimited number of Lotus Body classes including yoga, qigong, and Kum Nye (Tibetan subtle energy yoga class), along with meditation and Skillful Means classes. Classes are offered throughout the week  (Monday-Saturday), with a wide variety of classes throughout the day.

All of the classes listed below are included in the Living Wisdom Membership unlimited package.

Direct Knowing Yoga

We will use yoga and breath to become more intimate with our Body, Mind, and other senses as we move through the practice. The class will finish with a short meditation, including meaningful quotes from the secular writings of Venerable Tarthang Tulku. This is Dharma College's signature yoga method.

Gathering Energy – Kum Nye

Kum Nye is a Tibetan Subtle Energy Practice. Kum refers to the body in the sense of embodied being. Nye refers to massage, postures or exercises. Enjoy a sequence of exercises that promote healing, integration, and invigoration in the body-a perfect preparation for meditation. Open to all levels.

Introduction to Meditation

Dharma College’s signature meditation class offered throughout the week. A meditation practice that supports active relaxation through Tibetan subtle energy exercises, insightful texts, and active stillness. All levels