Living Wisdom Membership

Living Wisdom membership  ($50/month) allows you to take an unlimited number of Lotus Body classes including yoga, qigong, and Kum Nye (Tibetan subtle energy yoga class), along with meditation and Skillful Means classes. Classes are offered throughout the week  (Monday-Saturday), with a wide variety of classes throughout the day.

All of the classes listed below are included in the Living Wisdom Membership unlimited package.

Direct Knowing Yoga

We will use yoga and breath to become more intimate with our Body, Mind, and other senses as we move through the practice. The class will finish with a short meditation, including meaningful quotes from the secular writings of Venerable Tarthang Tulku. This is Dharma College's signature yoga method.

Offered 3 times per week

Gathering Energy – Kum Nye

Kum Nye is a Tibetan Subtle Energy Practice. Kum refers to the body in the sense of embodied being. Nye refers to massage, postures or exercises. Enjoy a sequence of exercises that promote healing, integration, and invigoration in the body-a perfect preparation for meditation. Open to all levels.

Offered 2 times per week

Restoring Energy for Seniors - Kum Nye

Kum Nye Tibetan yoga is a profound body-mind healing system adapted by Tibetan lama Tarthang Tulku for the West from Tibetan medical and yogic traditions. Through Kum Nye, we learn to listen to ourselves, to body, breath, and mind. We tune into balance, a deep supply of energy, even joy. Kum Nye exercises lead to deep relaxation, stimulating body, and sensory awareness, they also relieve tension and blockages in physical and subtle energy and in emotional-psychological realms.

This class features gentle movement exercises suitable for older bodies.

Offered once a week.

Working (and Living) from the Heart:

Get an idea of what Dharma College is about. This half-hour intensive course is about getting past the Language we use to think and communicate so we can draw on deeper levels of understanding

Offered once a week

Caring for Oneself

"The hassled, often chaotic character of an ordinary working day, with its major and minor disruptive irritations, is like a constant, low-grade ache. That ache is a quiet cry for taking better care of ourselves and of others". Caring, p.141

"We know caring is genuine when we encounter an encouraging atmosphere, a delicious flavor, an indefinable feeling of peace. We respond to it the way plants respond to moisture."  Caring, pp. xxix-xxx

Come share an exploration of active caring. Discussion, exercises, and contemplation lead us to savor caring’s appetizing flavor as we increase and deepen our capacity to nourish our inner and outer environment. We work with Tarthang Tulku’s new book, Caring,  activating positive experiences, developing authentic understanding of our mind, and progressing in skillful communication in both our personal and our working lives.