A New Way of Working With Ancient Wisdom
The Co-working with Wisdom program grows out of Dharma College’s mission to make the teachings of the Buddhist wisdom tradition available to modern society in new and innovative ways. It expresses an approach known as Skillful Means, which uses the challenges of work for spiritual insight and individual growth, for the benefit of ourselves and others.

Skillful Means-Right Livelihood Center

In the heart of Downtown Berkeley
Using Work as Spiritual Practice
What if you could have the best productivity, mindfulness, and wellness classes right at your fingertips? 

What if the best stress management, success, and time management methods were a part of your regular workday? 

Just think: How much more could you get done? 

We decided the world needed a new kind of coworking space—where work is balanced with ancient wisdom, mindful practice, and whole-person embodiment. 

Working with Wisdom means going home more refreshed, happier, and getting the real work done, with greater ease. 

We’d love to welcome you to our space. To find out more how to reserve your space, please go here:
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