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Strengthening community in each interaction
While classes can be taken online anywhere in the world, the heart of Dharma College is located at the corner of Kitteridge and Harold Way in Berkeley, California. For more than a decade, this historic three-story building has served as a center for learning, working, research, and building connections. Our doors are open to all. We look forward to seeing what you bring to the space.

Co-working @ Dharma College

Work can develop our inner self. It has the potential to enhance and bring balance to our way of being in the world. So, we’ve dedicated a portion of our building as a co-working space. Here, anyone interested in combining well-being and meaning in their lives can work in a supportive and beautiful environment … with fast WiFi!
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Events @ Dharma College

Our landmark building has been the site for everything from intimate public lectures to national conferences. 

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Research @ Dharma College

We regularly convene the leading minds of meditation, neuroscience, and Buddhism to share their latest research and exchange ideas. Recently, we’ve begun collaborating with McGill University to study the awareness achieved in Jhana states of meditation. 

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List of Events.

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Wisdom Talks Series
A series of Wisdom talks by great practitioners being organized by Dharma College. We bring monastics, lay professionals, scientists, philosophers, psychologists from all over the world to engage with a conversation on wisdom. 

Stay tuned for who is coming up on our speaker list.
Buddhist Series
These courses are based on visiting scholars who wish to touch on Buddhist concepts which are relevant to mind and self. All classes are based on dana as a way to cultivate our generosity.
Abhidhamma and Mind
This series of courses is based on the ancient philosophical system of Abhidharma, and it's deep understanding of the circular patterns of mind from a Buddhist perspective. 

We begin with a detailed presentation from a Theravadin viewpoint and then move to the Sarvastivada Abhidharma. We will then present the Abhidharma from a Tibetan perspective. 

A thorough understanding of mind provides the framework for an ever deeper engagement with personal transformation and internal development.
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