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We will learn to work more effectively through readings in Mastering Successful Work and the Skillful Means series especially with a focus on applying concentration, positive energy and awareness in any work project that you may be challenging you at this time.
1. Mindful Working uses Skillful Means methods to help students increase awareness, strengthen concentration and successfully manage their energy to increase their satisfaction and results at work.
2. Stress is transformed into productive energy.
3. Students experience the pressure of time lifting as they come into the present and begin to act on what is needed now.
4. The joy of being and working is discovered.
5. Important projects we have put off forever come to the foreground and are successfully engaged.
6. Communication improves.
7. Cooperation with others increases.
8. Students learn to step into courageous leadership of their work lives.


Work can be more than mere livelihood. For the modern professional, it’s a chance to grow and learn more about ourselves. It can be a way to develop positive and healthy relationships. This program explores the many ways to bring awareness, concentration, and energy to everything we do. You may discover that devoting care to your work and improving your appreciation of life may be more similar than you think. This program supports you in discovering your capacity to go beyond perceived limitations into your extraordinary potential of being.
Mindful Working

Co-Working @Dharma College

Based in the heart of Downtown Berkeley, we’ve created a space where work can be balanced with ancient wisdom, mindful practice, and whole-person embodiment.
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Introductory Courses

103: 28 Day Skillful Means Challenge: (Monday-Friday)

Set priorities with more intention. For one month, we’ll meet for just 30 minutes each weekday to help bring clarity to each participant’s specific goals. This class aims to build daily balance and focus as work is transformed into a spiritual practice.

Offered twice yearly or as a closed-class for interested organizations.


104: Using Work as A Path for Full Transformation

During this time of uncertainty and adversity, step on to a path that supports the full integration of your spiritual values and work. We will explore a new way of working that is the opposite of burn out. It addresses ways to achieve your goals that are in harmony with body and mind. It restores the natural balance between your interior life and work, manifesting as your unique offering in the world.

This program explores practices you can do at work to foster personal inner transformation that brings more joy, meaning and balance into your work life. This produces outer transformations that support great accomplishment and benefit to many people. This path of full integration opens the door to a life of greater meaning and extraordinarily good use of our short time on earth.

104: Urban Retreat - Using Work as A Path for Full Transformation

Complete course 104 with an urban retreat at our downtown Berkeley Campus. We have a 35,000 square foot landmark building adjacent to the Berkeley Library and we are excited to invite you to an immersive experience starting on Friday night and ending on lunch on Sunday in June 2023. Final dates to be announced!

107: Right Livelihood

Discover ways to earn a living while staying true to your highest values as a human being . Classes explore how work can be an expression of our deepest self and how a spiritual path can be relevant for any modern professional.
  • “I loved the ease and simplicity of the course and the way it was taught it. It was manageable, even with my busy schedule, and I’m already applying the teachings to my daily life.”
    -Dharma College Student


Wangmo Dixey

Wangmo Dixey (Executive Director, Instructor), born in Berkeley, California, in 1969, is the eldest daughter of Venerable Tarthang Tulku. In addition to her role as Director of the College, she is Executive Director of the Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International and President of the International Buddhist Association of America. She has been awarded many international accolades for her work in Asia. She holds a BA in International Relations from UCLA and an MA in International Development from American University. Married to Dr. Richard Dixey, she has two children. She just recently received an honorary Ph.D from Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya university in Buddhist Studies.

Teri Beckman

Teri Beckman

Teri Beckman leads HIGOL, a boutique coaching and consulting company that works with mission-driven leaders to help them increase their community impact and revenue within their organizations by aligning their human, technical, financial resources with their vision.  She has studied and practiced Skillful Means and Buddhist psychology as presented by Tarthang Tulku for thirty years.  She has a Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning from the University of Chapel Hill and is a graduate of the Body Therapy Institute, Spirit of Learning Teacher Training.

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