Clear Understanding

Waking up to the revelation of mind


Seek freedom from the one who speaks of freedom. Anyone who seeks a limitless horizon will soon discover it's beyond their reach. So where to start? With the mind itself. This program builds an understanding of how the mind works. We'll begin by exploring inner narratives. Then, we’ll deepen our understanding of the ongoing relationship between what we see and what we think. While the true center of experience can’t be seen, it can be revealed. 


A series of six courses. Each course consists of six weekly 90 minute online classes and additional self-directed study and exercises. Courses include Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits, Knowledge of Freedom, Dimensions of Mind, Keys of Knowledge.
clear understanding
  • “I’ve studied Buddhism for 45 years. These classes have created openings to directly experience teachings that have been previously only theoretical and fleeting. I connect more deeply with my meditation practices now, more than ever.”
    -Dharma College Student

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Core Texts

“Revelations of Mind”
Dimensions of Mind
“Dimensions of Mind”
“Keys of Knowledge”
Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits Part 1
“Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits Part 1"
Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits Part 2
“Searcher Reaches Land’s Limits Part 2"


Dr. Richard Dixey

Richard Dixey (Instructor) holds a Ph.D. from London University, an M.A. with distinction in the history and philosophy of science from London University, and a B.A. Hons from Oxford. He was director of the Bioelectronic Research Unit at St Bartholomew's hospital in London for fourteen years before founding and becoming the Chief Executive of Phytopharm PLC, a biotechnology company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Richard has been a student of Buddhism since 1972 and has traveled extensively in the Himalayas, India and South East Asia. He is currently an advisor to the Khyentse Foundation.

Dr. Jonathan Clewley

Jonathan Clewley (Associate Instructor) was educated at the Universities of Sussex (BSc), London (MSc), and Warwick (PhD); and pursued a career as a Clinical Scientist and Virologist at a public health laboratory in London. He has a lifelong interest in arcane and spiritual knowledge, especially Buddhism, coming to Venerable Tarthang Tulku’s teachings through the practice of Kum Nye. As he lives in England, he has been taking online classes at Dharma College with Robin Caton and Richard Dixey since the opportunity first became available.

Dr. Ron Purser

Ron Purser, Ph.D. (Associate Instructor) is a Professor of Management at San Francisco State University. Author of eight books, including McMindfulness: How Mindfulness Became the New Capitalist Spirituality (Penguin Random House/Repeater Books), the Handbook of the Ethical Foundations of Mindfulness and the Handbook of Mindfulness: Culture, Context and Social Engagement (Springer). He writes for such media outlets as Tricycle, The Guardian, Salon, Alternet, Tikkun, Pando Daily and Transformation. He began studying Time, Space and Knowledge (TSK) in 1982.