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hint: they’re all the right path
While classes can be taken online anywhere in the world, the heart of Dharma College is located at the corner of Kitteridge and Harold Way in Berkeley, California. For more than a decade, this historic three-story building has served as a center for learning, working, research, and building connections. Our doors are open to all. We look forward to seeing what you bring to the space.

How It Works

Classes blend philosophy, psychology, and science, engaging all aspects of students’ own experiences. They’re highly interactive and discussion based. This open dialogue is balanced with self-directed awareness practices and contemplation. While grounded in Dharma, our programs aren’t subject to proselytizing or religious rituals. Students develop their own deep understanding of mind, reality, and self, transforming their way of being.

Choosing Where to Start

We offer five general programs, each their own gateway to transformation. Whichever attracts you is the place to begin. Whichever engages your mind and opens your heart is the right path. Each is designed to spark glimpses of insight and caring from the start and all the way through.
Begin developing practices for inner harmony
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Learn methods for bringing life to work
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Perfecting good health with balance
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Waking up to the revelation of mind
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Unfolding body, language, and mind
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