Lesson series

Creating Habits for Success

Level 100 | Working
Mondays March 4th to April 8th 2024 5-6pm PST

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We will focus on the internal patterns of thought and very practical external habits of action that support individuals reaching their desired goals.  These ways of working can be applied to individual personal projects, work projects and eventually whole organizations.   

There will be a special emphasis on how to effectively working with others to achieve important goals and experience joy as a team, whether your team is employees, contractors, vendors or other partners.
Our learning objectives include:
  • Experiment with practices to improve decision-making and expand our knowledge beyond Google!
  • Create daily habits that support individual well-being and the well-being of the team creating an upward spiral of continuous improvement.
  • Improve communication within yourself and across teams to support you and the team achieving important goals. 


This class offers a wealth of everyday nourishing and practical ways to use our daily experiences at work to cultivate energy, awareness and concentration for transformation. The power of stillness is paramount. "
Cathleen E.
Teri does a wonderful job. Well organized. Thoughtful. A great listener. Caring. First rate. "
Victoria R.
 " The course is gentle and subtle, but so much useful resources that one can use in a very practical way. I would recommend this course without hesitation. I will be definitely doing the follow up course. "
Michael B.


Each dynamic class will begin with a short themed presentation at the start of each class, then an experiential practice followed by discussion with time for questions in each class. Classes are recorded and accessible for six months. Sixty minutes will go fast! 

Weekly Topics

Week 1: How do we improve decision-making in the face of uncertainty and the limits of our knowledge?
Week 2:  How can we develop discipline in our ways of doing business that supports concentration and energizes our work?
Week 3: What are habits and qualities that create healthy supportive communication within ourselves and then with our team and business partners? 
Week 4:  What are the ingredients of strong teamwork?   What habits and patterns support deep individual team member satisfaction and strong team performance over time?
Week 5:  How do we create an upward spiral of continuous improvement in our work and avoid the isolation of silos and disconnection when things don’t go smoothly?
Week 6: How do we cut through excuses to achieve positive results?

Readings From

Our exploration will be strongly supported and inspired by reading Mastering Successful Work by Tarthang Tulku.

Senior Instructor

Teri Beckman

Teri Beckman leads HIGOL, a boutique coaching and consulting company that works with mission-driven leaders to help them increase their community impact and revenue within their organizations by aligning their human, technical, financial resources with their vision.  She has studied and practiced Skillful Means and Buddhist psychology as presented by Tarthang Tulku for thirty years.  She has a Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning from the University of Chapel Hill and is a graduate of the Body Therapy Institute, Spirit of Learning Teacher Training.