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letter from director
At Dharma Collegeour mission is to translate ancient wisdom into everyday life. Using whatever circumstances we encounter as an opportunity for growth, we begin to manifest the extraordinary potential of being. These uncertain times provide perfect conditions to discover what is holding us back from an ever-available freedom. As we come to understand mind and self more deeply, we can open awareness, engage more closely with experience, and find a rich source for inner development.

This mission governs all of our work here at the College. As both a place for learning, and a community of those who share similar interests, Dharma College is creating a vibrant environment, a place for work and serious inner and outer study.

Inviting wisdom into our lives depends on our taking the first step when the right conditions arise. We open our gates to you with the wish that we may take this journey together.

With all best wishes, 
Wangmo Dixey
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