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Connecting East to West for more than a decade
Dharma College
About us

We founded Dharma College to connect authentic Buddhist wisdom to the search for meaning in the uncertainty of everyday life.

Our doors are open to all. While rooted in ancient teachings, dharma continues to evolve with each new student and each new conversation. We invite you to find a path that’s right for you.
Our History
The story of Dharma College begins in Tibet. Born in 1935, Tarthang Tulku was one of the last traditionally trained Lamas in the Nyingma tradition. He received transmission of important Tibetan Buddhist lineages from nearly 40 masters, including… Read More
The Future
While grounded in ancient texts and a proud history, what’s next for Dharma College is up to you. As our community of Dharma College graduates grows, we continue to evolve how we both gather and explore personal and global transformation… Read More

Our Building

Dharma College is housed in an outstanding landmark building in the heart of downtown Berkeley, California. Designed by architect Walter Ratcliff, the building was first occupied in 1923. Within walking distance of the University of California and the Berkeley BART station, Dharma College intends to bring together people of all ages and backgrounds. With newly-renovated classrooms that are suited for both large lectures and small seminars, a spacious reading room where students and faculty can work between classes, numerous staff and faculty offices, project rooms, and a generous dining room in which we serve wholesome, vegetarian meals, Dharma College is conducive to peaceful individual study and alive with vibrant ideas.

What Our Students Are Saying.

  • Clear Understanding Program
    Absolutely phenomenal presentation of the material. Richard is a phenomenal teacher.
    Okan February 2021
    Searcher Reaches Land’s Limit
  • Mindful Working Program
    I learned that awareness is the key to live a fulfilling life and how to operate my life mindfully. Now, I’m confident that I’m moving forward on the way I should go on!
    Skillful Means Challenge
  • Active Wisdom Program
    This class sets my mind ablaze with questions and thoughts, but in a good way! I was skeptical of the break-out class at first but it became my favorite part of the class in the end…Abbe is a wonderful instructor.
    Cathleen E.
    Introduction to the Lotus Path
  • I am a worrywart. I have been trying to break this habit by becoming enlightened, choosing the right and doing the right form of meditation. Since I have been studying with Richard Dixey, I have been breaking this worry habit by leaps and bounds. Richard is a very knowledgeable psychologist, scientist and historian. A lot of my progress has been due to simply learning how my mind operates and how I trap myself. Now I can stop! I get out of my conceptual mind. There's really no path because all my experiences are all here right in front of me. No big deal. In this place there is beauty. I still get carried away in worry these days, but now I always know how to quickly get out of it.
    Jivan Ziesse

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