We are pleased to be able to offer two workshops in April. Both workshops will be taught by Dharma College instructor Abbe Blum

The workshops cost $40 each. Get 15% off when you sign up for both. ($68)




Inner Light: Opening the Senses to Beauty

Saturday, April 8, 10am-1pm, Instructor: Abbe Blum
Mind seems to have an affinity for beauty, no matter what our definition of beauty may be. Beauty, in turn, bathes the mind in joy. In this workshop, we will introduce teachings about the mind and experiential practices that develop the positive aspects of engaging with beauty. The mind relaxes, the senses expand, and a natural appreciation for self and the world arises.


Inner Light: Opening the Mind to Caring

Saturday, April 22, 1-4pm, Instructor: Abbe Blum
Sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed by feelings of frustration. If we react automatically when these arise, we may say and do things we later regret.  In today’s workshop, we’ll explore patterns of mind, body and senses that lead to irritated feelings. Through interactive dialog, and gentle yet focused experiential exercises, we learn to explore whatever appears and make space for the natural arising of loving-kindness. We benefit self and others as we do this.


15% Discount for enrolling in both. ($68 instead of $80)
Register by email at registrar@dharma-college.com, or by phone at 510-809-2010.