We are delighted to invite you to attend a very special Tibetan Yoga (‘Kum Nye’) retreat which will be held at Dharma College January 13-21, 2018.

Mind and body both seem to need relaxation, especially in today’s world where everyday activities generate so much stress. With Tibetan Yoga, known as “Kum Nye”, we can loosen up tension and open the sensitivity of body and senses inherent in our human embodiment. A perfect complement to the study of mind that we present here at Dharma College, Kum Nye exercises harmonize the energies of body and mind, and open a vibrant pathway to self-knowing. All experience becomes richer, healthier, and more beautiful.

The inaugural Kum Nye program at Dharma College will launch with a 9-day retreat, 7am to 9pm, taught by Arnaud Maitland, Director of Dharma Publishing and long-time student of Tarthang Tulku. Arnaud has led Kum Nye retreats throughout the world for many years and is a pre-eminent Kum Nye instructor. He will be assisted by several Kum Nye instructors, including Dharma College faculty member, ​Abbe Blum. You may take the entire retreat, which includes meals but not lodging, or participate only in the morning session, 8:30am-12:30pm. The morning session can be taken live, at Dharma College, or as a webinar, from the comfort of your own home. There is also the option to take the webinar or retreat as part of a Kum Nye teacher authorization. For pricing and further details, and to enroll, click here, or email programs@dharmapublishing.com