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Past Retreats


Wide open skies and Redwood pines!

Retreat Description: Most of us do not have the option to drop everything and withdraw from the world for long periods of time. So, how can we develop inner peace and well-being in the midst of our very complicated lives? If this is a compelling question for you, you will love this retreat!

Join us on a journey to explore the rich potential of being human in the world today. With the natural beauty of the redwoods around us, and Revelations of Mind, by Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku, as our guide, we will begin by making friends with mind. When mind becomes a dear companion, it reveals a depth of understanding that heals negativity and soothes the heart. Through contemplative practices, inquiry, and lively discussion, we will touch the inner reaches of our being to awaken the knowledge we need.

Schedule: Monday, April 25

Enjoy a meal with like-minded people.

3pm Arrive and Check-In

4-5:30pm Session 1: Making Friends with Mind

5:30-6:15pm Dinner Buffet

6:30-8pm Session 2: Observing & Listening

Tuesday, April 26

Sun-filled, spacious cottage living room.7-8am Tibetan Yoga (optional)

8-8:45am Breakfast Buffet

9-10:30am Session 3: Perception & Language: Mind’s Reality Program

10:30-11am Break/Silent Walk

11-12:15pm Session 4: ‘I, Me, Mine’: Mind’s Identity Program

12:15-1:15pm Lunch Buffet

1:30-3pm Session 5: Past, Present, Future: Mind’s Anxiety Program

3-4pm Break/Silent Walk

4-5:30pm Session 6: Opening the Heart of Our Being

5:30-6:15pm Dinner Buffet

Evening Free for reading, practice and study

Wednesday, April 28

Sacred path to the lodge.7-8am Tibetan Yoga (optional)

8-8:45am Breakfast Buffet

9-10:30am Session 7: Mind Beyond Programs

10:30-11am Break/Check Out

11-Noon Session 8: A Deepening Friendship

Noon Depart for home

INVESTMENT: Includes 8 sessions with Robin, 2-night accommodations in a private room of a shared spacious luxury cottage with fireplace, large living room, balcony with expansive views, & Jacuzzi bath, and five delicious and healthful buffet meals. See below for pricing options.

Beautiful private bedroom at Ratna Ling


April 27-29. 2015

We all seek happiness and a meaningful life, but despite years of education and many challenging life experiences, we are often out of touch with the deepest part of our being. Weighed down by problems, overwhelmed by choices, pressured by time, we have lost the ability to discern what we most cherish. The key to transforming this unhappy pattern is to learn what the mind needs to bring more purpose and joy into our lives. In this retreat, with the natural beauty of the redwoods as our backdrop, and Revelations of Mind, by Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku as our guide, we will use contemplative practices, inquiry and lively discussion to harmonize mind, heart and spirit.

Instructor: Robin Caton
Location: Ratna Ling Retreat Center

April 28-30, 2014

Human experience unfolds from moment to moment in an amazing display of image, light, feeling, thought, sound, and form. Senses stir, mind moves and—voila!  Like great artwork suddenly unveiled, there they are: ‘me’ and the outer world. How does mind do this? And how can we use its creative skills to dispel confusion and enliven our minds and hearts? With Revelations of Mind, the new book by Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku as our guide, and the natural beauty of Ratna Ling Retreat Center as our backdrop, we will gently explore what it means to be fully human, with a curious mind and an open, caring heart.

Instructor: Robin Caton
Location: Ratna Ling Retreat Center

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