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An Overview of the Dharma College Program

All educational offerings at Dharma College are based on the text,
Revelations of Mind, by Tibetan Buddhist Lama, Tarthang Tulku.

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Revelations of Mind (ROM) Courses

Through reading, discussion, dialogue and practice, ROM courses spark the insight necessary to change outworn mental patterns and help us make a stronger, more positive connection to the world. These courses stand alone, but are also intended to build on each other from term to term. As understanding grows, the benefit to self and others deepens.

Courses at the 100 level are open to all. Ideally, a student would begin with ROM 101; however, we understand that we do not always offer courses at times that work for everyone, so please feel free to take 100 level ROM courses in any order that fits your schedule:

ROM 101 |  Exploring Mind and Self
ROM 102 |  Confused Mind is Not My Friend
ROM 103 |  The Happy Mind
ROM 104 |  The Stories Mind Tells
ROM 105 |  Five Key Questions to Keep in Mind


After you have taken at least 2 ROM courses at the 100 level, you may enroll in 200 level ROM courses, which we recommend be taken in numerical order:

ROM 201 |  Mind in ‘Real’ Time
ROM 202 |  Seeds of Understanding
ROM 203 |  Sprouts of Understanding

After your have taken at least 2 ROM courses at the 200 level, you may take ROM courses at the 300 level. These year-long courses are offered in alternate years and may be taken in any order:

ROM 301 |  Knowing Not Knowing
ROM 302 |  Revealing Mind


Practicing with the Mind (PRM) Courses

Courses in this series may be taken as often as you like, and in any order! Primarily practice-based, with some time each week for discussion and question and answer, these courses present gentle, contemplative exercises that expand sensory perception, develop awareness, and awaken understanding of mind’s creative potential.

PRM 101 |  Practicing Revelations of Mind
PRM 102 |  Harmonizing Mind and Senses
PRM 103 |  A Calm, Clear Mind
PRM 104 |  Becoming Present
PRM 105 |  An Affinity for Beauty


Half-Term (HTC) Courses

From time to time, we offer three-week courses. These are an opportunity to sample Revelations of Mind teachings in lighter, more informal ways. They provide a friendly approach to inner experience and are excellent gateways to our six-week ROM and PRM courses. Open to all, HTC courses may be taken in any order:

HTC 101 |  What It Means to Think
HTC 102 |  The Poetics of Inner Space
HTC 103 |  Telling a New Story


To view complete descriptions for all our courses, click here for our Course Index.