What Students Say About Us

  • “I really enjoy this class and the questions it brings up. It brings together so many of my everyday experiences by shedding light on the inner workings of mind. This class is endlessly applicable, and a great introduction to exploring the inquiry of mind.”
  • “Amazing class served by a remarkable teacher. I truly enjoyed my time here and will take away many invaluable lessons and tools which I feel will use every day.
  • “I found the content of the course interesting, enlightening, well-organized and helpful both inside and outside class. I feel almost all of my friends and family could also benefit from this experience….”
  • “I felt myself expanding and deeply appreciating life through my senses – opening an awakening [and] being more open to life.”
  • I find myself taking a broader viewpoint, a 360 degree range, rather than thinking in a narrow or rigid fashion.  What I think I know or believe in are not like heavy boulders necessarily set for all time.  There may be more to discover and to be open to.  I am more open to the “not knowing” aspect of what I encounter.  I feel myself lighter.  I find more things humorous.