UC Berkeley Collaboration

Students  from the UC Berkeley Advanced Media Institute collaborated with Dharma College recently to create Podcasts and Visual Storytelling projects. The goal was to create content showing what they say is “Dharma Colleges’ important role in providing a unique community and program in the Berkeley community. Here are links to three of the projects they created.

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Project one click here

Project two click here

Project three click here


“Mind and History: The Miraculous U.S. Constitutional Convention” Presented by Curt Caton, November 7, 2015

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The delegates of the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia arrived with what seemed to be irreconcilably polarized positions, both on general philosophical matters and on very specific suggestions for a new government. Five months later they emerged with consensus on a brilliant framework that endues over 225 years later. How and why did this transformation take place? We look at the dynamics of this process through the prism of Dharma College teachings about the mind and its operations. For audio link click here.  For the YouTube link click here.



“Science and the Spiritual: What are the Limits of Scientific Knowledge?”

We were excited to have two Dharma College faculty, Jack Petranker and Richard Dixey, present their talk on September 26.

Our culture accepts science as the most trustworthy form of knowledge, and people interested in spirituality are pleased when scientific research seems to confirm the value of spiritual practice. But perhaps we are making a mistake to use science as our yardstick for truth. The tools science has available for inquiry may leave important questions off-limits. In this discussion, we look at what science can and cannot discover about the nature of human experience.







Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony at Mangalam Centers and Dharma College



Mini-class filmed during our Winter Term 2014 Open House




A short video introduction to Dharma College.


October  22 | Sunday Streets fun! Click on the photo to see our Sunday Streets photo album!
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Explore our curriculum by watching our 2013 introductory classes below.

JANUARY 12 | MINI CLASS: Making Friends with Mind

JANUARY 12 | MINI CLASS: Habits of Unhappiness