What do you teach?

Our curriculum, based on the books Revelations of Mind, Dimensions of Mind, and Keys of Knowledge  by Tibetan Buddhist Lama Tarthang Tulku, offers a lively, healthy and creative way to study the human mind. This study is not abstract, but very practical. Understanding more about how our minds work, we become calmer, less confused and happier. Everything brightens!

What are classes like?

Classes are discussion based, lively and interactive. Experience is emphasized, not theory. Awareness and meditative practices are introduced to enhance learning. There is generally a practice to work with at home during the week, and a short selection to read for the next class.

How should a new student begin?

New students should begin by taking courses with no prerequisites. Please see the page for the upcoming semester, or call the Registrar at (510) 809-2010 for more information.

What if I want to continue my studies after I take an introductory course?

Dharma College has a full program of courses that makes it possible for you to continue your studies over several years. There is also a two-year Teacher Training program you may enter after your first full year of study at Dharma College. Pre-requisites apply. Please contact the Registrar at (510) 809-2010, for further information.

How much does each course cost?

The cost of each 6-week course is $120. Some scholarships are available; please contact the Registrar at (510) 809-2010 for further information.

How do I register?

To register for courses online, click here. You may also register by calling (510) 809-2010, or you may visit us in-person at 2222 Harold Way, Berkeley, CA 94704, Monday through Friday, 9am to 4:30pm or Saturday 9am – 12pm. Pre-registration is recommended to ensure that your preferred class will be available. Please note that courses with fewer than 6 students pre-registered may be cancelled.

Who are your students?

Our students are adults from all parts of the Bay Area. Some are retired, some are working professionals, some are students at the undergraduate or graduate level. Our students have diverse spiritual backgrounds, or no spiritual background. Prior meditation training is not required. These teachings about the mind are for everyone!

Who is on the faculty?

Our instructors have studied in many fields, ranging from law to science to history to Buddhist and Asian studies. Their professional backgrounds include college teaching, the practice of law, organizational administration, editing, and creative writing. All have trained extensively to teach at Dharma College under the guidance of founding Head Lama Tarthang Tulku.

What is the background on the Dharma College facility?

Dharma College is housed in an outstanding landmark building in the heart of downtown Berkeley, California. Designed by architect Walter Ratcliff, the building was first occupied in 1923. Within walking distance of the University of California and the Berkeley BART station, Dharma College intends to bring together people of all ages and backgrounds. With newly-renovated classrooms that are suited for both large lectures and small seminars, a spacious reading room where students and faculty can work between classes, numerous staff and faculty offices, project rooms, and a generous dining room in which we serve wholesome, vegetarian meals, Dharma College is conducive to peaceful individual study and alive with vibrant ideas.