4-week courses begin week of August 1st


Cost: $80 per course

Freedom from Mind’s Patterns

Tuesdays, August 1st – August 22nd, 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Instructor: Robin Caton


Without understanding mind and self, we are the victims of stale mental patterns: tied to old ways of perceiving, thinking and acting, we cannot see our situation freshly. In this course, we will closely examine mind and self, observing the patterns that constrict us. With more understanding, mind becomes lighter. We are able to choose a more meaningful life—and a kinder, more compassionate journey.

Week One, August 1: This is the way I am!
Week Two, August 8: Stuck in Mental Traffic
Week Three, August 15: Observation and Understanding
Week Four, August 22: Distinguishing What Has Value

Knowing and Being

Wednesdays, August 2nd – August 23rd, 10:30am-12pm
Instructor: Robin Caton


Keys of Knowledge, an intriguing new book of short essays by Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku, sparks creative insight into knowing and being; each week we will work with one essay, engaging together in inquiry, discussion and contemplative practices to illuminate the text. As the author states, When body, mind and thoughts come into harmony, we can discover for ourselves why we are here and where we are going next.

Week One, August 2: Going
Week Two, August 9: Knowing
Week Three, August 16: Ruling
Week Four, August 23: Kingdom of Time

Understanding the Positive

Thursdays, August 3rd – August 24th, 1:30pm-3pm
Instructor: Robin Caton
Location: Rossmoor, Walnut Creek


In this ongoing course based on Dimensions of Mind, we will look at the ‘gateway’ patterns of mind that keep us stuck in a self-referential perspective. Through inquiry and observation, we invite new knowledge and begin to experience the beauty and joy of being. For those who have taken “Embodying the Positive,” or with the consent of the Instructor.

Week One, August 3: I, Me, Mine, and Mind
Week Two, August 10: Observation and Understanding
Week Three, August 17: Dimensionless Inner Space
Week Four, August 24: New Ways of Knowing

Revealing Mind

Fridays, August 4th – August 25th, 10-11:30am,
Instructor: Richard Dixey

In this ongoing course about mind, identity and the nature of reality, we study Revelations of Mind for the third or fourth time. These readings move deeper, toward seeing specific self-interpretations and readouts in action in your immediate experience. At this point, you could say, “Now I see what I am doing.”

Students must have the consent of the director to join.


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