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Open House Saturday, January 20th

If you’re ready to join a community of people who are passionate about...

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Enroll now for Winter term!

Six week courses begin the week of January 22nd. Join us as we delve into the relationship between mind and self. We...

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“This is our very own journey, a journey that leads to the heart of our being. It begins with making friends with our mind and observing what it reveals of our own experience.”

– Tarthang Tulku, Revelations of Mind



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“From the first moments I stepped inside, I was touched by the atmosphere of serenity, loveliness, scholarship and welcome.”

“I was generally able to take lessons from each class and apply them to pressing issues and decisions in my life. The outcomes were unexpected and very good.”

“Excellent. Has opened my mind in exciting new ways. “

“So great to have access to this knowledge, and very elegantly articulated. Gentle, soft, effective. Loved being here. Thank you!!!”

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